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Takuji Kato, Japanese amateur lutenist, reviews the LLD® Molinaro 8c Renaissance lute

"My name is Takuji Kato and I am the owner of a music instruments shop in Kyoto, in Japan. I also have a music school, founded 40 years ago, providing mostly classes for the guitar and the lute.

I am studying the lute and bought one of your Le Luth Doré ® lutes in Japan.
I love this instrument (8c Renaissance lute) and I appreciate the transport case very much, I find it very beautiful. I’d like like to be able to sell your instruments in Japan and introduce them to Japanese musicians.

Mr Ichiro Okamoto, who was a student of Julian Bream, is the lute teacher in my school. He is teaching 10 lute students in my school. Music students have difficulty on getting good instruments and cases to learn the lute in Japan (in contrast, students learning guitar and violin can easily purchase musical instruments and cases).

The lutes of Le Luth Doré ® give Japanese musicians the opportunity to learn playing the lute and I think this are the most suitable instruments for those who start playing the lute.

I am dreaming of the lute’s spreading to Japan more with this Le Luth Doré ® instruments."

Takuji Kato, Japanese amateur lutenist | Gekkodo Music




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