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Simon Bonte, Belgian professional guitar and lute player, reviews the LLD ® 13c Baroque lute

"My name is Simon Bonte and I’m living in Belgium. In 2003 I got my first lessons of classical guitar. Since 2015 I started studying guitar at the conservatory of Leuven, LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens with Roland Broux. 

In 2018 I got the opportunity to follow the course ‘historical instruments’. I signed up and since the first lessons my interest in this subject grew. We got the chance to play different lutes and other string instruments like the theorbo and the baroque guitar. But I must say that only the baroque lute and its music were able to move me profoundly!

During the summer break of 2018, I bought my first lute from the French company Le Luth Doré ® and in September 2018 I started my first lute lessons with Floris De Rycker at SLAC in Leuven.  I’ve been greatly enjoying this new experience since I have started. 

So, searching for a lute, I soon discovered the website of  the French company, based in Paris, Le Luth Doré ®. The beautiful lay-out and a very fast responding customer service definitely helped me choosing for Le Luth Doré ® instruments. With the help of my teacher Floris I decided to purchase the Le Luth Doré ® 13c Baroque lute. A fast and safe delivery was guaranteed in the blink of an eye! 

The instrument, made of beautiful wood, is well made and finished with eye for detail. The belly provides a deep warm sound with full basses and crystal-clear high notes. It’s unthinkable how big and warm this instrument sounds. The neck is well made and not hard to play at all. A beautiful rosette gives the finishing touch of this beautiful instrument. The pegs hold well and the delivered case gives good protection. A good lute doesn’t weigh much, this definitely applies for this instrument.

To conclude, Miguel Serdoura and Le Luth Doré ® did and keep doing an amazing job. They create impressive instruments for an incredible price tag! I can only recommend Le Luth Doré ® brand if you are searching for a stunning instrument made with care and a great vision. Applause!"

Simon Bonte, Belgium professional guitar and lute player

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