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Paul Craven, English amateur lutenist, reviews the LLD ® Dowland 8c Renaissance lute

"I must congratulate Miguel Serdoura and his team of builders on their vision and enterprise in producing this wonderful instrument. The quality of the woods, construction and case are far beyond my expectations. The lute is very light indeed. When held by the neck, normal level speech causes the lute to slightly vibrate! The quality of the maple wood used for the back is very attractive and has been constructed to a very high standard with small ebony strips in-between the maple ribs. The whole then has a well applied satin finish. The rose is laser cut with an attractive pattern. The pegs hold tune very well as do the strings. The fiberglass case should also offer good protection.

Sound wise the lute is new so should open up more with playing but my first thoughts are that the lute displays a very good bass response with smooth, sweet trebles. It does not sound harsh or brittle when played over the rose like some other lesser instruments and I am looking forward to hear just how it develops over the coming months.

It is magical to think that an instrument of this caliber is available without the prolonged wait and understandably large price tag from U.K. luthiers with their higher workshop costs. How many potential players have been put off by that? 

If you are reading this and are thinking of buying your first Renaissance lute but think "I have seen lutes for less money on eBay" (or similar) please think again. I have examined quite a few of these instruments. In general they are heavy, clumsily constructed and nearly all would require remedial work on their set-up and tuning pegs adding an additional cost. Even with this work done you are still going to get an inferior instrument. In short, buy on of these, and thank you Miguel Serdoura and Le Luth Doré ® for opening up the lute to many more players."

Paul Craven, English amateur lutenist


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