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Luth à la française: Le Luth Doré®, a contemporary perfection, accessible to all!

INSTRUMENTS, LUTES: for Christmas, OFFER (yourself) A LUTE, LUTH DORÉ! WITH LE LUTH DORÉ, everyone can now find and buy themselves a lute ...

This is one of the most dynamic and innovative of recent French businesses dedicated to instrument making.

The Luth Doré®, whose launching  was announced by classiquenews for the summer of 2015, reinvents lute making, offering a novel range of lutes for everyone, adapted to their budget and technical skills: Renaissance lutes (Dowland, Molinaro, 8 course lutes) and Baroque lutes (Weiss. Baron, 13 course lutes)... 

The care and attention brought to their construction, and their delivery times have revolutionized the modern market for lutes.

The company, "Le Luth doré, Paris", was created by the virtuoso and former disciple of Hopkinson Smith, Miguel Yisrael / Serdoura, whose latest cd was dedicated to the Lute in Versailles ( le Luth à Versailles : « Les Rois de Versailles » / works of Pinel and De Visée, CLIC from classiquenews / December 2014). Now in December 2016, Le Luth Doré is inaugurating its new commercial site / new e-commerce store. Here, the visitor will find an exceptional choice of lutes, and also cases, as well as a catalogue rich in lute tablatures and music, since Le Luth Doré is also a music publisher.

This is not just an ordinary online store but a complete platform given over to the king of instruments which in the 17th century was truly the instrument of kings and princes, men of letters, and the most exacting lovers of beauty and perfection. This site, Le Luth Doré, is a very special favorite of Classiquenews and has received their CLIC for December 2016. 

 Visuals attractive to the aesthetic look, Luth Doré totally renews the image of the lute today: a French class that mixes excellence and democratization, qualities now associated with an exceptional instrument, which was even "king", at 17th and early 18th centuries ...

All informations about Le Luth Doré www.leluthdore.com, by e-mail: contact@leluthdore.com or post mail:  Le Luth Doré, 10 bis, rue Paul Badry, 75008 Paris, France – Phone: 00 33 (0)6 21 66 67 32.


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