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Frank Antonsen, Norwegian amateur guitar and lute player, reviews the LLD ® 8c Renaissance lute

"I have had a great interest in the renaissance lute music throughout my adult life. I have used classical guitar and a special alto guitar to approach this beautiful ancient music, but all the time I wanted to have a real lute, with the real lute sound and design. 

Finally, I have obtained a such instrument, with the authentic sound and appearance. The choice felt on the Galilei 8 course lute from Le Luth Doré ® in Paris. Miguel Serdoura from Le Luth Doré ® always responded quickly to my questions and was of great help.

When buying a good instrument, it is important for me to be in contact with the seller when it feels necessary. At this company, it has not been a problem at all.

I live far north of Norway, actually north of the Arctic Circle, but it took only five days from Paris until I had it here at my door step. Think that must be some kind of a record?!

First, I have to say that the transition to lute from classical guitar may be a bit bigger than I thought. The lute is surprisingly delicate and must be played with care, but that is just as it should be I understand. The first few days I had to tune the instrument quite often, but that is also normal - with New Nylgut ® strings and pegs!

The neck is perfect for me, easy to play and nice. The bowl is made of dark Sapelli, wonderful and beautifully built. The sound is clear but also warm all over the register and gives the perfect sound you associate with a good lute, but the touch has to be light.

Therefore, I would like to thank Le Luth Doré ® for delivering another lovely instrument, this time to me, and I’m sure tis lute will give me and perhaps others too, great joy in the future.

Finally, the case is also worth a few comments, simply the strongest and best case I've ever seen, with built-in moisture meter and a lovely dark brown design!"

Frank Antonsen, Norwegian amateur guitar and lute player

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