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8c Renaissance lutes

The Flatt Paven, by John Johnson (1594)

13c Baroque lutes

From The Blog

A Method for the Renaissance Lute, with a Supplement for the Archlute

Le Luth Doré ® is pleased to announce the publication of 'A Method For The Renaissance Lute, With a Supplement for the Archlute' by Peter Croton (concert performer, recording artist, lute teacher at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, President of the German Lute Society, author).

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Frank Antonsen, Norwegian amateur guitar and lute player, reviews the LLD ® 8c Renaissance lute

"I have had a great interest in the renaissance music throughout my adult life. I have used classical guitar and a special alto guitar to approach this beautiful ancient music, but all the time I wanted to have a real lute, with the real lute sound and design. Finally, I have obtained a such instrument from Le Luth Doré ® in Paris."

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Simon Bonte, Belgian professional guitar and lute player, reviews the LLD ® 13c Baroque lute

"To conclude, Miguel Serdoura and Le Luth Doré ® did and keep doing an amazing job. They create impressive instruments for an incredible price tag! I can only recommend Le Luth Doré ® brand if you are searching for a stunning instrument made with care and a great vision. Applause!"

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Paul Craven, English amateur lutenist, reviews the LLD ® Dowland 8c Renaissance lute

"It is magical to think that an instrument of this caliber is available without the prolonged wait and understandably large price tag from U.K. luthiers with their higher workshop costs. How many potential players have been put off by that? This lute goes far beyond my expectations"

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Urtext sheet music
Our Company

Le Luth Doré® is a company dedicated to honoring and preserving the musical legacy of European early plucked instruments such as lutes, mandolins and early guitars.

Who we are?

  • Mission Statement
    • Le Luth Doré® provides musical instruments, sheet music and music education programs worldwide not only to the music departments of schools and colleges, but also to any person with the desire to learn and play.
  • Vision Statement
    • We understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages and the tremendous gift it brings to participants and listeners. The lute sound is quiet, intimate and meditative ; it touches the soul of the listener in a magical way. LLD® will offer all people of whatever age and whatever background the opportunity to experience this world of music.
  • The Lute Revival
    • In modern times, the lute began to enjoy a revival with the awakening of interest in historical performance that began around 1900 and continues to this day with increasing strength. With the general revival of interest in early music, the lute continues to find new players and listeners.

Our History

Miguel Serdoura, Portuguese-born and Paris-based, leads a group of visionary founders of Le Luth Doré®, the breakthrough non-governmental, early music preservation, appreciation, and performance organization. "We are the first worldwide initiative dedicated exclusively to honoring, preserving, and promoting the musical legacy of European early plucked instruments," he explains, noting that those instruments include early guitars and mandolins in addition to the lutes.


Toccata XXIV, by A. Piccinini (1566-ca.1638)