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LLD ® Hagen 13c Baroque lute

Bowl in Ribbon Striped Sapelli • Warm treble, strong mid-range and deep full bass sound • LLD ® FG-B case included

LLD ® Molinaro 8c Renaissance lute

Bowl in Maple • Bright treble, medium mid-range and medium bass sound • LLD ® FG-R case included

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• Model: Molinaro
• Type: Renaissance lute
• Number of strings: 8 courses
• Tuning pitch: A 440 Hz
• Tuning: Dd, Ff, Gg, Cc, ff, aa, dd, g
• String length: 590 mm
• String spacing at the nut: 56,5 mm
• String spacing at the bridge: 120 mm
• Ribs: 11
• Weight: 800 g


Unique masterpieces produced by the hands of craftsmen

Quality, refinement and tradition. Le Luth Doré® lutes, early guitars and mandolins are designed in Paris by experienced european luthiers, and handcrafted in our high quality new China-based manufacturing facility, by today’s top luthiers in the country.

LLD® instruments represent the culmination of over 40 years of music instruments manufacturing by our European and Chinese luthiers and 20 years of music expertise by world famous lutenist Miguel Serdoura.

The tone, resonance, and beauty of fine instruments are all dependent upon the wood from which they are made. The wood used in the construction of LLD® lutes, early guitars and mandolines is carefully chosen and aged to guarantee the highest quality.

Each LLD® instrument is a work of art that begins with the selection of the finest materials and is brought to perfection with great passion.

With select solid woods and impeccable workmanship, LLD® instruments will satisfy anyone looking for a truly superior sound and an unique experience with exquisite early music instruments.

All LLD® instruments are sold with modern, exclusive and refined fiberglass hard case, featuring a convenient climatic system to ensure your instrument great protection against travel, storage and climate changes.



• Top in medium grade solid spruce, finished and slightly varnished
• Bowl in non figured maple, finished and varnished in dark reddish color
• Spacers and soundboard frets in ebony
• Neck, fingerboard, bridge and pegbox in maple, finished and varnished in black
• Pegs in kadam, finished and dyed in black

• Slightly curved fingerboard (about 1 mm)
• Fingerboard frets in natural sheep gut
• Nut in natural cow bone
• Laser carved rosette
• Strung with Aquila Nylgut® strings
• LLD® FG-R case included
• Two LLD® L1 case straps included

4 Reviews For "LLD ® Molinaro 8c Renaissance lute"

  1. I am dreaming of the lute’s spreading more to Japan with this Le Luth Doré® instruments.

    by Takuji Kato on 04 Thu,2018


    "My name is Takuji Kato and I am the owner of a music instruments shop in Kyoto, in Japan. I also have a music school, founded 40 years ago, providing mostly classes for the guitar and the lute.

    I am studying the lute and bought one of your Le Luth Doré® lutes in Japan.
    I love this instrument (8c Renaissance lute) and I appreciate the transport case very much, I find it very beautiful. I’d like like to be able to sell your instruments in Japan and introduce them to Japanese musicians.

    Mr Ichiro Okamoto, who was a student of Julian Bream, is the lute teacher in my school. He is teaching 10 lute students in my school. Music students have difficulty on getting good instruments and cases to learn the lute in Japan (in contrast, students learning guitar and violin can easily purchase musical instruments and cases).

    The lutes of Le Luth Doré® give Japanese musicians the opportunity to learn playing the lute and I think this are the most suitable instruments for those who start playing the lute.

    I am dreaming of the lute’s spreading more to Japan with this Le Luth Doré® instruments."

    Takuji Kato, Japanese amateur lutenist | Gekkodo Music


  2. Best choice for beginners

    by Tomoko Koide on 12 Mon,2017


    It has long been my pain in the neck that buying a lute had to be the hardest part for beginners. One had to wait months and years for brand-new instrument, or to find good second-hand. Most of the beginners hesitate to invest vast amount of money and time to "unknown" instrument.
    Le Luth Dore makes the lutes accessible to those who wish to touch and play the lute, regardless of the level of knowledge or technique they have.
    Molinaro model is perfect for beginners in many aspects; price, accessibility (easy to pay!), size, nut width, weight, and light but durable case.

  3. This lute as great success in Japan!

    by Kenji Ota on 04 Fri,2017


    I got a wonderful LLD® Molinaro 8c Renaissance lute from Le Luth Doré.

    The more I play it the more mature the sound gets.

    Thank you! I must tell you, this lute as great success in Japan!

  4. Excellent Lute, Excellent Price

    by Cormac on 01 Sun,2017


    This is an excellent instrument for a price that's hard to beat.

    The Molinaro 8-course Renaissance Lute is my first lute and my introduction to early music instruments. The instrument is very accessible to beginners like myself. It's hard to beat such quality, such affordability and without the long waiting periods that usually come with manufacturing such instruments.

    I'm so glad that Miguel Serdoura and Le Luth Doré are making the lute and early music more accessible to the world.

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